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DUNHILGOLD -Opportunities that never end
DUNHILGOLD Investment Contract offers three distinctive gainful dispositions that suit all types of investor. Daily 3% to 7% stake earning will continue affixed to your portfolio until you decide.

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  • 3% Daily Forever Amount: ฿0.003 - ฿0.3 Principal Withdrawal Fee: 15%
    Contract 1
  • 5% Daily Forever Amount: ฿0.301 - ฿3 Principal Withdrawal Fee: 25%
    Contract 2
  • 7% Daily Forever Amount: ฿3.01 - ฿30 Principal Withdrawal Fee: 35%
    Contract 3
  • All contracts work for calendar days
  • Capital can be withdrawn after 48 hours.
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About Our Company

"Be fearful when everyone is greedy and be greedy when others are fearful. "- Warren Buffet

DunhilGold Technologies Ltd - established in the UK with company number #555699811 is a business authority developed financing platform that assists as an all-in-one diversified securities for investors. Merging various rivulets of finance revenue makes for a secure and durable overall expenditure that steadily generates a gain percentage every single day. Our team of specialists from different disciplines of expertise have taken care of the involved hurdle of obtaining, appraising and leading new ventures, allowing our users to enjoy an astonishingly high profit. With our system, each user is guaranteed a stable income growth, even outside of work hours. We offer you an extraordinary possibility to secure your money and stake it 24*7 for you.

Dunhil Gold TECHNOLOGIES LTD Regn. No: #555699811
  • Private and Secure

    We offer anonymity and security by using modern state of the art protection arrangements and BitCoin as a payment processor.

  • Legal entity operated by a valid and lawful established company based in the United Kingdom. Our company house registration number is #555699811 and SIC 48774145.

  • Paperless Investment

    At, investment activated instantly as funds are added to personal account. No other documentation is required.

  • Secured Tech Infrastructure

    User data protection and fund security, including the refined level of encryption scan and malware scans carried out daily that ensures safety at its best.

Earn more by referring your friends

All members of have the opportunity to enhance their acquisition margin exponentially through our affiliate program, with two, increasingly more profitable, affiliate levels. Level 1 affiliates earn a 50% commission from any direct referrals and 7% commission from level 2 and 5% from level 3 referrals.

Become Representative

    Active participation in our offered affiliate program will allow you to level up and earn higher commissions with our representative program, more passive referral levels and even monetary bonuses.

Standard Program

  • 50%
    Level 1
  • 7%
    Level 2
    Level 3
Representative Program

  • 10%
    Level 1
  • 4%
    Level 2
    Level 3
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