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About Dunhill Gold


Dunhill Gold could be a specialized exchanging company that basically bargains in Forex and Crypto monetary forms exchanging and ventures. We have been serving our clients with commitment and judgment ever since our company’s foundation. Considering the current situation of highly unstable markets and eccentric patterns within the domain of trading; having a dependable company to contribute with is what you wish.

Dunhill Gold works with a exceedingly dependable shrewd calculation and AI devices which offer assistance us anticipate showcase patterns nearly precisely and gives us a one of a kind edge to form more intelligent, securer ventures. Usually why we offer standard returns in our speculation plans that our clients can appreciate, without having to go through the bother of considering the markets themselves. All you have got to do is contribute with us, and begin winning normal returns each day.

Welcome to our company Dunhill Gold!

Our company is officially registered in London. The history of creation of the platform lies in the experience of searching and purchasing of new coins. We sell coins only in case when it gives the maximum profit. Cryptocurrency has recently gained particular popularity among new coins. As example, the most popular bitcoin is no longer raise up rapidly upward, in turn, new coins become more and more profitable.

What are the advantages of our company? Investors don't need to have any trading experience and search for new coins every day. We decided to create a unique tool for making money. Before the creation of the company, we had a great trade experience and we had a decent income. After all, our team of traders decided to expand opportunities, capital turnover and give investors the opportunity to earn money with us. The main advantage is that we have more reserve and will lose less on commissions, as well as expand opportunities and purchase much more new coins thanks to investors. We will also be able to assemble a larger team, move in new directions, look for more coins, buy farms, and even mine new coins !


For this we use 3 main strategies:

  • Search.
  • analysis.
  • progress.

Fast start

The registration and deposit process will take no more longer than 2 minutes.

Easy Pay-out

All payments are made very quickly. Payments to perfectmoney in instant mode. Payments via tether trc20 are manual within 2 minutes to 24 hours.


We have the most powerful and reliable protection against DDoS attacks and hacking.

24/7 Support

Our operators are always online and give you all information you are interested in.

Advantages of our Company

We have a very professional team of analysts. In order to earn money, you don't need to trade.

We have transparent statistics and post news when the coins are sold. If you have any questions or doubts, our operational support will always help. Our team has extensive experience and professionalism in trading.

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